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Ama Kwakye
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Ama Kwakye was born into a Ghanaian-American family on November 9, 1991. Ama quickly realized that her culture was the most significant aspect of her identity. After earning a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University, Ama's passion for Culture, Arts, and Giving Back prompted her to enter the world of pageantry and launch her fashion brand, Ama Kwakye Co. Ama Kwakye Co. is a fashion line that embodies the richness of African culture, demonstrates its relevance in contemporary fashion, and seeks to restore and reconstruct the image of the continent through the arts. Ama relocated to Ghana in 2016, where she launched her fashion line and pledged to donate one-third of all proceeds to the Ghanaian House of Hope Orphanage. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Ama brought her passion for Ghanaian culture back to the United States and expanded her philanthropic efforts by donating facial masks to Project Hospitality. If granted the chance to work alongside the great women of the African Most Beautiful Pageant Season III, Ama will continue to promote Ghanaian culture internationally through her brand, Ama Kwakye Co. "What we are is our God’s gift to us, What we become is our gift to God.” -Eleanor Powell

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Obo Kwahu