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Gladys Omari
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Greetings to Nana Adasa Nkrumah Adasa ||| CEO of Abrofem Area Foundation, and all organizations producing Africas Most Beautiful USA.My name is Gladys Ansomah Omari. Born and raised in Bronx, New York. Growing up I’ve always acknowledged my background and culture. Going to school I always thought I would fit in, but for some reason I never did. At a young age I was visible to many other Africans around me. This sparked my interest to not know about myself, but to also know my roots and where I came from.With my parents being from different tribes ( My Dad from Kwaku and Mother from Ga Fase )it made me eager and fascinated about my culture. So at a young age was where I stared to involve myself in groups and events. And also learning the language.In school I’ve participated in dance groups African Sisters United (ASU). This dance group helped me form a bond more like a sisterhood with my dance partners. Continuing for 4 years made me become a dance teacher and choreographer in my senior year of high school. Not only was I a dancer, but also a cheerleader, and student athlete. I’ve also got a chance to model in a few fashion shows. Ive also become part of and ushering group for African events. Hearing about this opportunity, made me so glad because not only can I contribute to the people but also show and teach my culture to young girls growing up. To let them embrace who they really are. Wishing the best to all contestants and thank you for this opportunity once again.

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