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Phanta Swaray
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My name is Phanta Swaray. I am a 19-year old Guinean/Liberian born and raised in Newark, NJ. I am of the Mandingo tribe in West Africa . I am the child of immigrant parents who survived the Liberian civil war that took place in 1980 – 2003 and migrated to Newark, NJ in 2000. I am an ex-Muslim who converted to Christianity during quarantine. I am the first Christian in my blood. My life has changed tremendously in such a miraculous way when coming to know Christ. I currently serve in the media team at a church called “All Nations” in Elizabeth NJ. I am also a spoken word artist apart of a spoken word ministry at the church. Growing up, I discovered my passion for writing, poetry and editing and have also been told that I’m talented at these things. Growing up I grew a love for films especially catering to love/romance/drama. I especially enjoyed watching Nollywood/Ghallywood movies! Being so fascinated with the skills of talented actors and life-altering themes of movies and YouTubers as well, I was encouraged to start posting on my YouTube channel in 2020. Although, I stayed anonymous I used my skills of editing and my creativity to create edits and of celebs/influencers. I was known by the name “PS EDITS.” Unexpectedly, people started to admire my work and I grew a mass of over 40,000 subscribers and receiving millions of views. I am blessed to say that I have a platform on YouTube and also a mass of 300K followers on TikTok! My dream is to use these god-given gifts to glorify Jesus and win souls for his kingdom. That is why I am currently attending Essex County College and majoring in entertainment production. I also desire to be a film writer and producer. To conclude, I’ve always been interested in modeling because of my height and physique. I’m 5’9. I know that joining this pageant is a great opportunity to get the experience. Also, I’m honored to help support the vision of the AMBUSA fundraiser to help give back!

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