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Timileyin Sofola
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My name is Timileyin Sofola, a 19-year-old contestant in the Ambusa contest, hailing from Ogun state, Nigeria. I was born and raised in Lagos state and grew up in a family of six, being the first of four children. I graduated from a Secondary School in Lagos Nigeria and am currently pursuing a degree in Nursing here in the United states. Over the years, I developed an interest in poetry, but I have always loved to sing. Harmonious words speak volumes and I believe they are a stronger means of communicating than most others. As a contestant in the Ambusa contest, I hope to showcase the beauty and richness of the culture of Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole. I believe that cultural exchange and understanding is key to building a more peaceful and harmonious world, and hope to use my talent and skills to promote this message. Through my work as a nurse, I hope to incorporate cultural practices and beliefs into patient care, helping to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients from different cultural backgrounds.