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Wendy Oppong
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My name is Wendy Oppong Agyeiwah. I’m a 19 year old born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana. I’m a student and currently reside in the Los Angeles California area. My talents are modeling, acting and dancing. As a model, I find my confidence and purpose in my voice and heels. I stand for women having strong education and financial independence without depending on anybody or any man. For this reason, I began a business as a financial planner where I help families learn about building financial wealth, entrepreneurship, and confidence. From business, to home, to church, and to school, I make sure my attitude and words inspire others. I’m ambitious, hardworking and humble. History and my own upbringing in Ghana has taught me that black is the most powerful race existing. We have lots of hardworking and ambitious women in Ghana but they lack resources. I want to provide educational and financial resources to African women in Ghana and provide the opportunity for them to study in any part of the world they desire. By representing Ghana in African Most Beautiful USA, my heels and my voice will be able to expand my mission of supporting African women.

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Ashanti Region