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Janice Agyepong
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Hi Hi! My name is Janice I am an 18 year old native Ghanaian. I was born in Koforidua, Ghana and currently reside in Connecticut. I am one of 3 children of immigrant parents, along with my younger brothers. I will be attending college for Pre-Law on a full-merit scholarship to study political science and other courses in hopes of becoming a criminal defense attorney (God willing). I’ve always been passionate about law and being the voice for the people which is why I always take action. I have taken numerous leadership roles around school for example Class President, National Honor Society President, and Director of Marketing for DEI in the Board of Education. I have raised awareness and money for the victims of the Akosombo Dam Spillage, and work with my mother in her founded non-profit to help the sick, falsely convicted, poor, hospitalized people, and overall environment in Ghana. As a Christian it’s been instilled in me through family to always help and give back when possible. I’ve always been told to try modelling and I never looked into because I wanted something else. As an activist I didn’t only want to be apart of a pageant but I want to have a voice and advocate for others, which is why I grew very fond of Africa’s Most Beautiful USA, I saw the connection between their vision and my beliefs. Seeing that not only would I be able to express and embrace myself but also help others, I grew interested very quickly in this pageant. I’m so grateful and honored to gain more knowledge and experience in this oppurtunity and to support this pageants visions and goals by representing Ghana!!

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